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Akua Education Foundation is a non-profit organisation that works in the field of Education Research during the first cycles of life (pre-school, primary, secondary and further education).

Akua Foundation creates and/or develops accredited schools which apply the Pedagogy of Talent, carry out research and develop new forms of education which promote the well-being and talents of each individual.






To research, develop and implement integral education in society.





To be a national and international reference point in the field of education and research. 

To promote talent and emotional intelligence.
To raise public awareness about family and health issues.
To promote the network and its partnerships.



Creativity and Entrepreneurship

Health and Wellbeing

Multiculturality and Unity




The Pedagogy of Talent: A personalised education model based on love; towards oneself, towards others, and the environment, so that every child can be his or herself, and learn how to coexist with others. By experiencing different professions, they assimilate human values, develop their particular talents and acquire the knowledge that they will need in life. 


Science and Research 


Research into educational processes in the fields of Pedagogy, Neuroscience, Psychology, Psychiatry, Physiology, Health & Nutrition, Coaching and Anthropology. Apply and develop new forms of education at the school which promote psychological and physical well-being.



To support the creation of Alternative Education Projects, creating a network of education professionals, and provide other groups of educators, families and schools with educational material as well as administrative, financial and legal advice so that their institutions may thrive.






President and Treasurer

Nuria Segura



Josep M. Ortado



Víctor Carrera

Dr. Ramón Segura

Pedro Raventós

Jaume Zardoya

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