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Akua is an accredited trilingual school for children of 3-18 years old. We accompany the children and teenagers while they develop their own learning processes and talents. Preschool and Primary stages opened in September 2016 and as the school grows and evolves, we expect to create a Secondary School. The School is the first Education project created by Akua Foundation.

A healthy environment to enjoy the experience of learning
Personalised Education

The Pedagogy of Talent is a personalised, multigrade, trilingual form of education respecting the child's individual learning processes.

It offers emotional support and Montessori curriculum development, with the integration of Multiple Intelligences and professional practices.

The school has a ratio of 8-10 children per teacher.

A pedagogy that links past, present and future 


The contact with and practice of real professions helps the students to develop their innate talents and entrepreneurial skills.

Professionals from different fields (e.g. carpentry, music, dance, art, scientific research, sport) collaborate actively in technical, physical and emotional education, in both individual and group sessions.

Mind, hands and heart 
We focus not only on cognitive development, but also on talents and creativity,
the management of emotions and the integration of human values.
Indoor and outdoor areas 
The school has 3.500 m2 of floor space and one hectare of natural green space
with fruit trees. We are 10 minutes walk away from a natural forest.

Organic Catering: families can choose an organic and Km0 catering service

or bring a packed lunch from home.


School Bus: a private school bus service is offered to families based in

Barcelona or the Baix Llobregat area.

An open place to share with the families

The school welcomes and encourages the involvement of families who want to

actively participate.  The school grounds are also available for activities after school hours, such as conferences, workshops, events, extracurricular activities, etc.

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